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Looking to carpool or vanpool?
If so, please register at Drive Less Connect to receive a personalized list of potential carpool/vanpool partners. Make sure to set up your profile and create a trip to view your matches for work, school or one-time trips. Tracking your trips will also qualify you to win great local prizes!

Still have questions?
If after registering you still have questions, please use the contact form below. Make sure to include your email address in order to receive a response! For more information, contact us at or 541-812-2004.

Valley VanPool Routes

Buscan compartir un auto o camioneta?
Inscríbete en Drive Less Connect para recibir una lista de posibles pasajeros que desan compartir auto o camioneta. Una vez que habra la pagina podra ver el menu en Españal al seleccionar la flecha que se encuentra en la esquina superior al lado derecho de la página. Ya que este registrado necesitara configurar su perfil y crear un viaje para recibir una lista.

Todabia tiene preguntas?
Si despues de registrarse, necesita asistencia en Español puede mandar un correo electrónico directamente a o si gusta llamar, marque al numero 541-924-8405.

Valley VanPool Routes

Curious how to get started vanpooling?
To join an existing vanpool or find other people interested in forming a new vanpool, create a ridematch trip at, or visit www.ValleyVanpool.Info for a list of current vanpools.
For more information on forming a new vanpool, see the Vanpool Tip Sheet or call us at 541-812-2004.

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